6 Reasons You Should Be Reading Generously

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I started reading avidly in the later years of my school, which is pretty late, to be honest. If I knew earlier how books can change you as a person; I would have picked a book ever since I began putting letters into a word.

The smoothly running, eloquent plots and carefully woven characters made the experience even more beautiful.

Some people often argue that reading is boring. They find movies or series more fascinating as they don’t demand all of your attention. But reading being healthy should be enough reason to get into it.

Reading had a great impact on me and has helped me immensely. Here is why reading is great and you should read every day.

Makes You Empathetic

Reading enhances the ability to empathize. The books, fiction, in particular, help inculcate empathy. Literary fiction evokes emotion — it adds to the pleasure while making you open to other people’s opinions and views.

Fictions have a profound impact on readers’ behavior and how they feel. When you read fiction, it takes your mind for a walk from all the hustles that surround you usually.

Research also suggests that people who read fiction become more empathetic and understanding of other’s feelings.

Reduces Stress

I have always been an advocate of how great reading is because it has helped me get rid of stress quite a lot of times.

With the incredible power it contains, it is amazing how reading a few pages of a book or an interesting article can lift your mood. It transports you to another world far away from all the problems and stress.

The study also shows that recreational reading can reduce stress in students. The more you read, the more content and happier you feel.

Enhances Vocabulary

Reading helps in building vocabulary; the more you read, the more you know. It broadens your knowledge of words and uses that mainly assist in communication.

A large vocabulary also lends a hand in taking a leap in your career by boosting your self-confidence. Being well-read and well-spoken is of great help in professional life, without a doubt.

Expanded vocabularies have a major role in writing as well; the bigger the word bank, the better the story or content. The research also shows that reading generously aids in developing large vocabularies.

Helps Write better

Reading improves and enhances vocabulary, and that automatically improves your writing. The more knowledge you collect by reading, the better content you produce.

Reading well-written, polished, and popular work aids in observing their writing styles, tempo, and tone that have a major influence on your work as well.

This only improves your writing style. I read other people’s written articles and blogs, fiction and non-fiction books that have helped in the writing process. If you want to excel in writing, read as much as you can.

Read your favorite authors and note the tiniest of details about their writing, how they begin their content, make transitions, express. This is a simple yet great way to learn!

Improves Analytical Thinking

I’m a mystery lover — I love how the story unfolds and keeps me hooked on it. It doesn’t let me leave even the littlest of details that might solve the mystery — that helped me sharpen my analytical skills.

If you have read mystery novels and concluded before the story ends, great! You could focus and note all the details and put critical thinking to work, which is an exceptional addition to your skills.

A study also shows that reading literature can develop critical thinking. The improved analytical thinking skills also help in critiquing different plots; their characters and the storyline.

Ensures Goodnight’s Sleep

If you are having a hard time sleeping for a good 7–8 hours, here is what you should do — read!

And I’m talking with experience, being an over-thinker; I have struggled to sleep at night for a healthy amount of time. Not anymore, though. I keep a book by my side and read a little at night, which helps with sleep readiness.

A research study showed that reading at bedtime ensures healthy sleep patterns. Since reading enables you to de-stress and relax, it contributes to your overall sleep pattern.

Pick a delightful book at night before your bedtime. A good book calms you and prepares you for a goodnight’s sleep.

Happy reading!




Biotechnologist| A reader and a writer in the making.

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Sidra Riaz

Sidra Riaz

Biotechnologist| A reader and a writer in the making.

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