6 Effective Ways in Life That Can Help You Find Long-Term Happiness

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What is happiness? You may ask.

I did too and here is what I thought, read, and understood.

The definition of happiness is to each their own; it differs with individual, you will get different answers from different people to what happiness is for them. What makes me happy does not have to mean much to others.

Happiness is an essential attribute to a content life that often at a time seems elusive. People mostly refer it to as the feeling of satisfaction, excitement, and minus the worries and miseries. It is true, but not entirely. All these feelings are temporary and going to be there for some time, but leave without you even realizing that it’s gone.

It is often in the moments we create; consciously and unconsciously. But for long-term contentment and happiness in life, one has to work a little towards it.

It is around you, all you have to do is make a little effort and grab it, and if you feel like, it is not around — create it. Life isn’t always fair and giving, so you got to go out and find your share. Here are few ways that might help you:

Self-acceptance is the first step. Accepting yourself is the basis for a content life. Don’t burden yourself with doubts. Understand and recognize your strengths and weaknesses and accept yourself as you are.

Believing in yourself takes more than just courage. Recognizing your abilities comes with a distinct satisfaction. Although accepting your flaws, in the beginning, can take a toll on you, however, in the long run, it becomes a source of a peaceful life.

The studies show how self-acceptance helps you lead a life by being more in love with yourself. So love yourself!

Mindfulness is another way to take your life toward happiness. Being more aware makes life simpler. Noting what is happening around and inside you helps to understand and control your feelings better. It helps you stop thinking about the past or getting worried about the future.

With the use of trait measures of mindfulness, studies found significant correlations with various effective indicators of happiness.

In simple words, look around and live in the moment. Focus on the here. Practice mindfulness and improve your ability to center yourself — meditation is one way of doing that. Acknowledge your emotions and feelings, it helps you control them better.

Gratitude can bring happiness and contentment in life. Being grateful can be difficult, which is understandable, but when you are thankful for whatever you have, life becomes easier. It spreads positivity and builds strong relationships among people. According to research in positive psychology, there is a strong connection between being grateful and greater happiness.

Also, according to a study, the middle-aged divorced women that kept gratitude journals were happier in life than the ones who didn’t.

Gratitude helps people focus on the good in life and provides a positive perspective on everything happening around them. Writing a thank-you note, praying, and counting your blessings are some ways to show gratitude.

Being kind is another way to lead to happiness. Helping not only makes life easier for the people you’re lending your hand to, but it also builds a connection between you and them. It makes you aware of what other people are going through in life and helps you become grateful for the life you have.

Doing something for others, big or small, not only gives satisfaction but also puts you in peace with yourself. The gesture of giving and helping bring communities together. When people appreciate your kindness, it automatically becomes an added source of happiness.

The acts of kindness can pave the way for an increase in happiness in your life; the more kind you are, the happier you feel by only counting your own kind interventions.

To have a purpose in life gives meaning. With meaning in life, you feel more put together. Working towards the goals and achieving milestones increases the sense of contentment, accomplishment, and happiness.

A purpose in life fills more energy and vitality. You tend to feel more satisfied when there is more productivity in your life.

In a study, UCLA researchers found that having a purpose in life derives more happiness and is healthy.

Resilience is bouncing back with a positive force when life puts you in a rough spot. It is a blend of a positive attitude, and the strength to do what is difficult: keeping your spirit intact, and the ability to believe in yourself.

Building resilience can help you find positivity and eventually happiness, even in the most unfortunate situation in life — one way of doing that is by connecting with people with utmost patience. Find people who faced difficulties in life without losing themselves to help you cultivate patience.

According to research, college students with more resilience are happier and more satisfied in their lives. Being resilient is not an easy trait to have and not everyone has it, but having sturdy people around gives a better understanding of the different phases of life and how to stay strong.

My two cents
We all deserve our share of happiness; no matter how big or small. There is nothing wrong with working towards it. For contentment and long-term happiness, change your lifestyle a little. Push yourself for a better life. Love and accept yourself and others around you — that is the key.




Biotechnologist| A reader and a writer in the making.

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Sidra Riaz

Sidra Riaz

Biotechnologist| A reader and a writer in the making.

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